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POCOs.ca is a small blog with Big goals. It aims to promote Canadian-made consumer products that are accessible to the average Canadian. The Canadian manufacturing industry relies largely on domestic consumption. Given today’s high Canadian dollar – which reduces international demand for Canadian products – and the increased competition in the consumer products market from low-cost countries, it is even more important that Canadians support their domestic manufacturers.

POCOs.ca was founded by a recent engineering graduate who understands the importance of manufacturing and the role it plays within the national economy. The manufacturing industry provides high quality jobs to Canadians that pay higher wages than the national average. It is an industry we can’t afford to lose. Consumer Products manufacturing is a small but significant sector within the Canadian manufacturing industry. This sector faces the highest competition from low-cost, export-oriented countries; however, it is also the sector where the average Canadian can have a significant impact on the manufacturing landscape of Canada by seeking out and purchasing canadian-made goods. POCOs.ca aims to connect Canadians with Canadian-made goods.

POCOs.ca is maintained by an armchair economist who is passionate about the economic principles that govern international trade and shape the domestic manufacturing landscape. This passion will spill over into several blog posts – hopefully just enough to spark your interest in manufacturing and trade, but not so much that you fall asleep on your keyboard.

At the end of the day, POCOs.ca hopes to do three things.

1. Connect:

At a time when Canadian manufacturers are relying most on domestic consumption, it is getting harder and harder to find canadian-made goods. POCOs.ca wants to change that by connecting the average Canadian with canadian-made products that are accessible and affordable.

2. Inform:

As we’ve said before, POCOs.ca is maintained by an armchair economist who is passionate about discussing the principles that guide international trade and shape Canada’s manufacturing industry. Don’t worry, we’ll provide some fair warning when these types of blog posts are coming – we recommend you grab a coffee to help combat the impending bore-fest.

3. Engage:

POCOs.ca wants to connect Canadians with Canadian-made goods. We also want to connect individual Canadians who are passionate about buying Canadian-made goods. Join in the discussion – promote your favorite Canadian-made products or Canadian manufacturers!

If you visit POCOs.ca and leave knowing more about a Canadian-made product or Canadian manufacturer, or are more likely to buy Canadian, then we’ve done our job.


- Kevin

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